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Courses Available for Design and Applied Arts, Other. Pathway

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    Graphic Design

    Description: Graphic Design courses emphasize design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message. They focus on creating art products such as advertisements, product designs, and identity symbols. Graphic Design courses may investigate the computer's influence on and role in creating contemporary designs and provide a cultural and historical study of master design works of different periods and styles.


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    Media Technology -- Workplace Experience

    Description: Media Technology Workplace Experience courses provide students with work experience in fields related to media technology. Goals are typically set cooperatively by the student, teacher, and employer (although students are not necessarily paid). These courses may include classroom activities as well, involving further study of the field or discussion regarding experiences that students encounter in the workplace.


  • 3

    Introduction to Drawing and Design

    Description: Introduction to Drawing and Design emphasized the development of fundamental drawing skills for students learning graphic design. Focus will be on the application of art theory, processes and techniques that increase the power of observation. Instruction includes the elements and principles of design as applied in composition through hard copy and/or electronic software.


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    Graphic Design Fundamentals

    Description: Graphic Design Fundamentals provides a basic understanding of the graphic design process. Topics include analyzing the design elements and principles, exploring industry tools, software and equipment and learning composition techniques to develop a quality product.


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    Photo Imaging

    Description: Photo Imaging teaches the technical skills need to produce quality images for use in a variety of applications. Topics include use of equipment, software and techniques to take, edit and manipulate digital images.