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Courses Available for Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster. Pathway

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    Graphic Design

    Description: Graphic Design courses emphasize design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message. They focus on creating art products such as advertisements, product designs, and identity symbols. Graphic Design courses may investigate the computer's influence on and role in creating contemporary designs and provide a cultural and historical study of master design works of different periods and styles.


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    Computer Applications

    Description: In Computer Applications courses, students acquire knowledge of and experience in the proper and efficient use of previously written software packages. These courses explore a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to) word-processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database programs, and they may also cover the use of electronic mail and desktop publishing.


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    Web Page Design

    Description: Web Page Design courses teach students how to design web sites by introducing them to and refining their knowledge of site planning, page layout, graphic design, and the use of markup languages such as Extensible Hypertext Markup, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, and Document Object Model to develop and maintain a web page. These courses may also cover security and privacy issues, copyright infringement, trademarks, and other legal issues relating to the use of the Internet. Advanced topics may include the use of forms and scripts for database access, transfer methods, and networking fundamentals.


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    Particular Topics in Media Technology

    Description: These courses examine particular topics in internet design and applications other than those already described.