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Courses Available for Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services, Other. Pathway

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    Health and Life Management

    Description: Health and Life Management courses focus as much on consumer education topics (such as money management and evaluation of consumer information and advertising) as on personal health topics (such as nutrition, stress management, drug/alcohol abuse prevention, disease prevention, and first aid). Course objectives include helping students develop decision-making, communication, interpersonal, and coping skills and strategies.


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    Self Management

    Description: Self-Management courses introduce students to the skills and strategies helpful in becoming more focused, productive individuals. These courses typically emphasize goal-setting; decision-making; managing time, energy, and stress; and identifying alternatives and coping strategies. They may also allow students to explore various career and lifestyle choices.


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    Family Living

    Description: Family Living courses emphasize building and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships among family members and other members of society. These courses often emphasize (but are not limited to) topics such as social/dating practices, human sexuality and reproduction, marriage preparation, parenthood and the function of the family unit, and the various stages of life. They may also cover topics related to individual self-development, career development, personal awareness, and preparation for the responsibilities of a family member and wage earner.


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    Consumer Economics/Personal Finance

    Description: Consumer Economics/Personal Finance courses provide students with an understanding of the concepts and principles involved in managing one's personal finances. Topics may include savings and investing, credit, insurance, taxes and social security, spending patterns and budget planning, contracts, and consumer protection. These courses may also provide an overview of the American economy.


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    Community Connections

    Description: Community Connections course provide community based/school based learning experiences mainly within the family and consumer sciences classroom. Learning goals are set by the student, teacher and community partners to create experiences and/or discussions to enhance the development of the 21st century skills (i.e. leadership, empathy, communication, problem solving, cooperation, critical thinking, and resource management) needed to be successful in human services/family and consumer sciences related careers.


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    Career Connections

    Description: Career Connections courses provide human services/family and consumer sciences related work-based learning experiences (paid or unpaid) outside the traditional classroom. Learning goals are set by the student, teacher and employer/adult mentor to create field experiences and/or discussions related to human services/ family and consumer sciences occupational technical skills.


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    Human Growth and Development A

    Description: Human Growth and Development A provide students with knowledge about the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and development of humans from conception to old age, with a special emphasis on birth through school age. Course content will provide an overview of life stages, with a strong tie to prenatal and birth processes; fundamentals of children's emotional and physical development; and the appropriate care of children.