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Courses Available for Engineering & Applied Mathematics Pathway

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    Computer Applications

    Description: In Computer Applications courses, students acquire knowledge of and experience in the proper and efficient use of previously written software packages. These courses explore a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to) word-processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database programs, and they may also cover the use of electronic mail and desktop publishing.


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    Engineering Technology

    Description: Engineering Technology courses provide students with the opportunity to focus on one or more areas of industrial technology. Students apply technological processes to solve real engineering problems; develop the knowledge and skills to design, modify, use, and apply technology; and may also design and build prototypes and working models. Topics covered in the course include the nature of technology, use of technology, and design processes.


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    Engineering Design

    Description: Engineering Design courses offer students experience in solving problems by applying a design development process. Often using solid modeling computer design software, students develop, analyze, and test product solutions models as well as communicate the features of those models.


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    Engineering Design and Development

    Description: Engineering Design and Development courses provide students with the opportunity to apply engineering research principles as they design and construct a solution to an engineering problem. Students typically develop and test solutions using computer simulations or models but eventually create a working prototype as part of the design solution.


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    Engineering—Workplace Experience

    Description: Engineering—Workplace Experience courses provide students with work experience in an engineering-related field. Goals are typically set cooperatively by the student, teacher, and employer (although students are not necessarily paid). These courses may include classroom activities as well, involving further study of the field or discussion regarding experiences that students encounter in the workplace.


  • 6

    Project Management and Resource Scheduling

    Description: Project Management courses provide students with the information and skills necessary for success in managing projects and operating logistical ventures in technology, business, and industry. This course covers scheduling of resources (including personnel, budget, timelines, and equipment), utilization of Gantt charts, economic principles within the workplace, and risk management. Other possible topics include developing a business plan, finance, business law, marketing and promotion strategies, insurance employee/employer relations, problem-solving and decision-making, and building leadership skills. These courses may also incorporate a survey of the careers within technology and engineering industries.