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Courses Available for Construction Trades, General. Pathway

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    Sheet Metal

    Description: Sheet Metal courses expose students to the skills and information necessary to lay out, fabricate, assemble, install, maintain, and repair items and structures created from sheet metal components. Students learn the safe and efficient operation of various tools and typically gain skill in blueprint reading, welding, and finishing and polishing metals.


  • 2

    Construction -- Comprehensive

    Description: Construction Comprehensive courses provide students with basic knowledge and skills required for construction of commercial, residential, and institutional structures. These courses provide experiences and information (typically including career opportunities and training requirements) regarding construction-related occupations such as carpentry, cabinetmaking, bricklaying, electrical trades, plumbing, concrete masonry, and so on. Students engage in activities such as reading blueprints, preparing building sites, starting foundations, erecting structures, installing utilities, finishing surfaces, and providing maintenance.


  • 3


    Description: Cabinetmaking courses provide students with experience in constructing cases, cabinets, counters, and other interior woodwork. Students learn to distinguish between various types of furniture construction and their appropriate applications, and how to use various woodworking machines and power tools for cutting and shaping wood. Cabinetmaking courses cover the different methods of joining pieces of wood, how to use mechanical fasteners, and how to attach hardware. Initial topics may resemble those taught in Woodworking courses; more advanced topics may include how to install plastic laminates on surfaces and how to apply spray finishes.


  • 4

    Building Maintenance

    Description: Building Maintenance courses train students to maintain commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and homes. Instruction is provided in the basic maintenance and repair of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical systems. Topics covered may include identifying and using hand and power tools safely; installing and repairing floor coverings, walls, and ceilings; installing and repairing doors, windows, screens, and cabinets; applying finishes to prepared surfaces; and repairing roofs, masonry, plumbing, and electrical systems.


  • 5

    Introduction to Industrial Technology

    Description: An introductory Level course designed to instruct students in the basic skills necessary to all occupations in the Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation areas.


  • 6

    Residential Carpentry II

    Description: An advanced comprehensive course designed to instruct students in skills pertaining to rough construction and finish work.


  • 7

    Cabinet & Furniture Design II

    Description: An advanced level application course designed to provide students with experience in constructing cases, cabinets, counters, furniture and interior woodwork.


  • 8

    Advanced Materials Technology

    Description: A progressive application level course furthering the study of CNC equipment, composite panel products, and veneering, and the processes involved with fabricating goods with these technologies.