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Courses Available for Precision Production Trades, General. Pathway

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    Material and Processes

    Description: Materials and Processes courses expose students to the tools, machines, and processes that may be encountered in manufacturing-related occupations. In particular, these courses stress the analysis, testing, and processing of metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, and composite materials.


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    Description: Welding courses enable students to gain knowledge of the properties, uses, and applications of various metals, skills in various processes used to join and cut metals (such as oxyacetylene, shielded metal, metal inert gas, and tungsten arc processes), and experience in identifying, selecting, and rating appropriate techniques. Welding courses often include instruction in interpreting blueprints or other types of specifications.


  • 3

    Introduction to Industrial Technology

    Description: An introductory Level course designed to instruct students in the basic skills necessary to all occupations in the Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation areas.


  • 4

    Production Welding Processes I

    Description: A comprehensive course designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in basic welding theories and terminology, to perform Oxy-fuel and Arc Welding activities in the F & H positions, and to perform Non-destructive testing activities.


  • 5

    Production Welding Processes II

    Description: An application level course designed to instruct students in the knowledge and skills needed for solving fabrication problems, to weld joints in the V & OH positions, and perform Plasma cutting.