About Kansas Career Navigator

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The Kansas Career Navigator is an intuitive dashboard intended to aid in the selection of education and training programs, access workforce training providers, analyze performance information and labor market information. Additionally, by navigating this site, a user has real time access to high demand, high wage occupation opportunities by county or local area selection.

Click OCCUPATION & COLLEGE PROGRAMS below to access the top 10 high demand, high wage occupations in your local area. Take the helm in learning more about wages, job openings, education and work experience expectations, access provider listings, forecasted vacancies and much, much more.

Click HIGH SCHOOL CAREER PATHWAYS below to access the High School Career and Technical Education Pathways and the corresponding College Programs in your area that connect to a variety of Kansas careers. Begin or continue your quest for a career by discovering high school, college courses and opportunities available to gain knowledge and experience in high demand occupations.